Punishments to Japan and the rest of the World

Many civilizations ago, our world was once UNIFIED as one NATION, however, chaotic destruction had occurred and this one-world was divided into many countries and races.  Since then, this world had declined as poor, ill, and unsophisticated existence.

Many civilizations were born and perished.  Some left ruins and gifts to the future decendants -us- while some disappeared without leaving any remarks.

Pay attention to our present miserable and poor community.  War, natural disasters, financial crisis, and so on.  Our planet is deeply and seriously poisoned by chemical weapons used in wars and our plastic and other harmful products.  What an ungraceful way to return gifts we humans have been long received from our mother planet.

Without any doubts, long ruled capitalism is about to perish and we are living in the absolute last moment of this civilization.

After we returned to Japan, shortly before the September 11th of 2011, we have performed duties as the pioneer of Lobby Activities in Japan.  Since then, we have contributed to both Japan and the rest of the world by improving diplomatic relations, solving political and economic issues, in addition to preventing wars in many areas, while ofcourse solving conflicts at the top levels of many nations.

Our only hope was to improve the human standard in all aspects without poverty, sicknesss, and unequality.

However, more and more we learn about the RULE of this world by meeting top leaders, we were stunned to learn the truth of lack of abilities in leaders.  In reality, we have never meet the "So-Called Leaders."  At the same time, we found the truth that this civilization is dying, and can actually die at any moment.

On March 11th of 2011, Japan had experienced extremely severe earthquake in Northeastern parts of Japan, but this gigantic earthquake is just the beginning of the countdown toword the last moment of this civilizaion.  Very soon, we, the human beings, will experience unprecedented events which results in reduction of 90% of the population.  ......How?  We shall experience soon.......

The reason we have decided to declare this statement is merely for the future, not for this diminishing civilization.  Hence, all our efforts shall and will be utilized for the creation of One-Unified-Nation.

Certainly, it shall be our great pleasure to once act as the pioneer of this time.

KONOE Yukiko
January 24th, Heisei 31 (2019 AD)

Chitoh Daikaishou Fund


Daikaishou -- or the "Great Tidal Wave" meaning the purification of the world.

People with outstanding abilities and scenses were long neglected in the society, so rare to flourish their abilities.

And, people were poisoned by profit oriented purposes for the survival, and our human societies were occupied only by wars, sickness, and unfairness.

However, long ruled unfair and inferior Empire of the world is about to diminish. As every one can easily notice, our civilization had never faced such a serious global level of great danger in the known history.

Capitalism is at the final stage of its life, and nuclear wars may occur at any moment.  Many countries, even the wealthiest nations, are facing constant earthquakes, Tsunami, deadly floods, unprecednted wild fires, tornadoes, and so on.  It is so obvious that our cycles of civilization and planet Earth are at the truly final moment of the CHANGE.

We are certain that this world is living at the historically significant period of PURIFICATION.

Some say, this world will disappear and all human beings will just perish.

May be few, but some will survive and we shall experience the rebirth of our mother planet.

In order to prepare for the upcoming NEW WORLD, we made a decision of establishing this Daikaishou Fund.

We humans should contribute our lives only to the growth and development of our souls, society, and the earth.

This Fund shall be utilized solely for constructing New Civilization after the Daikaishou.

We purposely do not describe details about this Daikaishou Fund and us.

English is the language which needs all detailed explanations, however, it is time for English speakers to be awaken to notice and feel something so important in your INSTINCT without detailed explanation gabbages.


Since we made the announcement of this Daikaishou Fund in Japanese last November, there existed some strange cyber problems. Obviously, some are not happy with our announcement of our actions including this Fund!

However, noone can and will interfere our purpose of the creation of New Civilization.

For those who feel something special about this Fund in your instinct, you may assist your survival and future by contributing to this Fund.

Your contribution may be made as follows:
please contact us by e-mail (

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